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Like the languages of the world, business itself has many dialects. Industries are like cultures, all with their own vocabulary and rules. The words you say and the way you say them means everything when it comes to earning the trust of colleagues and customers. In order to reach these specialized audiences and know that your message is being conveyed accurately across multiple languages, you need a partner you can rely on.

NLG has decades of experience helping specialized industries translate their material across multiple languages. From ag体育投注,ag体育平台 to Industrial Manufacturing, you can count on NLG for all of your industry specific localization needs.



As a global contract partner for 6 of the biggest 10 IVD companies in the world, NLG has earned its place as the top LSP for this highly regulated and challenging industry.

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Translation and Localization services

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Whether you’re interested in keeping up with industry news and upcoming events, checking out a Case Study, or listening to an NLG team member discuss various topics, we’ve got everything here to keep you up-to-date. Follow the links below to check out the full collection of resources NLG has to offer!

Latest News

September 10, 2020  |  NLG News


ag体育备用网址,ag体育登陆 As a global contract partner for 6 of the biggest 10…

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May 8, 2020  |  NLG News

LIVE WEBINAR | The Future of LSP Work: Welcoming Change Instead of Wincing at It

The Future of LSP Work: Welcoming Change Instead of Wincing at It NLG is excited to participate in the GALA…

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October 18, 2019  |  NLG News

The ag体育投注,ag体育平台 Industry Forum Workshop, Thessaloniki 2019

The ag体育投注,ag体育平台 Industry Forum Workshop, Thessaloniki 2019 NLG had the honor of hosting the 1st Workshop of the Life…

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July 19, 2019  |  NLG News

NLG Ranked Among Top 20 Language Service Providers Specialized in ag体育投注,ag体育平台

NLG Ranked Among Top 20 Language Service Providers Specialized in ag体育投注,ag体育平台 NLG announced today its official ranking as one…

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May 20, 2019  |  NLG News

New EU Medical Devices and in-vitro Diagnostics Regulations

Is your localization process compliant with the new MDR and IVDR? An effective regulatory strategy to comply with the new…

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July 25, 2017  |  NLG News

Free White Paper! Learn how to clean up and harmonize your translation memory for best results.

Inconsistent, polluted translation memories?  It might be time for a TM spring cleaning. Here is how you will clean up…

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October 30, 2019  |  NLG News

NLG at tekom/tcworld Annual Conference 2019

NLG at tekom/tcworld Conference 2019 – The Largest Event in the field of Technical Communication We are excited to announce…

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Client Testimonials

“What makes our cooperation with NLG particularly successful is the fact that they are flexible and always open to adapt to our special requirements and tools. NLG is more than a company, they put all their passion into our partnership and are always going the extra mile for us.”

Global Product Labeling, Varian Medical Systems

“NLG has proven to be an innovative and customer-centric business partner, proactively offering solutions that accurately meet our needs and our budget.”

Toyota Motor Europe Customer Experience Division

“Thessaloniki-based NLG brings to life and truly lives up to the ancient Greek concept of polymathía, as they possess a vast expert knowledge in a great many fields, which enables them to provide both linguistic and technical services with equal ease and competence.”

MAN Truck and Bus

“With NLG, we have increased quality and productivity – and confidently we will continue doing so.”

Phonak, Manager Language Services

“NLG is more to Olympus than a fast, flexible and reliable translation agency that provides high-quality translations, they are innovative and support us in every possible way. NLG goes above and beyond to help us find solutions tailored to our needs.”

OLYMPUS, Section Manager, Corporate Quality Management, Documentation Services

“NLG proved to be a reliable partner and offers more than high-quality translation output. Since the beginning of our collaboration NLG’s expertise in translation-related ag体育投注,ag体育平台 topics added additional value for QIAGEN. But what I like most about NLG is the permanent willingness to make improvements for the customer possible.”

Senior Global Translation Coordinator at QIAGEN

“Dedicated and highly engaged team. Always on top of things, being able to anticipate issues and meet short deadlines. Technology and optimization focus. They are able to bring value by not only focusing on translation/localization but on any service related to globalization. I can’t think of a better partner.”

Carmen Aviles – Life Science

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